Toner Cartridge Specialist

Free use of Inkjet  LaserJet with unlimited printing. Your Worry Free Printing Solution. 0% Investment in printers.

Free use of LaserJet Printer Program


1. NO need to purchase an expensive printer.
2, NO monthly rental fees.
3. NO need to purchase high price toner cartridges.
4. NO installation cost.

Unlimited Printing


1. Unlimited maintenance.
2. Unlimited refill of Inks.
3. Unlimited replacement of Ink Cartridges.
4. Our Offer includes an unlimited supply Of printer consumables. (Metro Manila Area only)

Enroll your Printer


1. FREE On site maintenance and repair service.
2. FREE replacement of defective parts.
3. No need to buy high priced toner cartridges.
4. Worry free solution.

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  • SCC-2510
  • SMC-4018
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